The turmoil that exists within the real estate industry and the resulting sharp drop in residential and commercial property values over the last 18 months is presenting an unprecedented buying opportunity.

Similar to the S&L crisis of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, there are many lenders that are selling attractive real estate assets at pennies on the dollar. It is also becoming clear that the Federal Government is in the process of establishing a new government entity similar to the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) to absorb troubled bank and/or their assets.

While most of this activity to date has been within the residential sector, significant distress is now being encountered in the commercial sector. In fact, most experts believe that 2009 will provide unprecedented buying opportunities in nearly every segment of the commercial real estate market.

Over the last 22 years Tyler-Donegan has successfully advised and represented clients in making timely and profitable acquisitions, during normal markets and during challenging markest like we face today. Our team maintains an active dialogue with the vast majpority of sellers in the region, including banks and other lending institutions which are aggressively seeking to sell their troubled assets at steep discounts. Our team also maintains certain exclusive listing arrangement with select lenders where we list and market REO assets and distressed debt.

Our experience, expertise and relationships provide Tyler Donegan with the ability to present our clients with very attractive buying opportunities. If you believe as we do that this is a great time to buy, please contact us to learn how we can further assist you in expanding your real estate portfolio.

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