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Tyler - Donegan Announces Creation of Mid Atlantic Capital Fund 09-19-2008
Mid Atlantic Capital Fund Hits Ground Running
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Media Release

September 19, 2008

Subject: Tyler – Donegan Real Estate Announces Formation of Mid-Atlantic Capital Fund, LLC

Frederick, Maryland – Chad Tyler, President of the twenty year old firm, Tyler – Donegan Real Estate, is pleased to announce that affiliates of Tyler – Donegan have recently formed Mid-Atlantic Capital Fund, LLC, a real estate opportunity fund.

The Mid-Atlantic Capital Fund, LLC will acquire, develop and invest in distressed and value-added real estate projects that have the potential of delivering superior returns to its investor. “The Fund intends to invest in high-yield real estate assets primarily located in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Washington, D.C., North and South Carolina and Florida.,” said Chad Tyler, the managing Member of the Fund. “This regional focus will provide our investors with outstanding investment opportunities in the nation’s strongest growth corridors”, continued Mr. Tyler.

Over the last 20 years, through several real estate cycles, the senior principals of the Mid-Atlantic Capital Fund, LLC have successfully acquired, developed and redeveloped more than 40 separate real estate projects valued at nearly $400 million. “These projects have included office, industrial, retail, multi-family, residential land and mixed-use properties that ranged in size from the development of a 20,000 square foot retail center to the redevelopment of a 2,000,000 square foot industrial facility”.

“We have excelled in both the up and down cycles inherent in our industry. Now, applying the breadth and depth of expertise and experience we have gained over the last 20 years to the day-to-day operations of the Fund, our investor-clients will have the unparalleled opportunity to take advantage of this historic real estate environment”, stated Mr. Tyler.

Discussing the Fund with a recent gathering of investors, Mr. Tyler detailed the primary investment opportunities the Fund is pursuing, “We are finding extraordinary opportunities in the marketplace to acquire fundamentally strong value-added and distressed real estate assets at tremendous discounts; discounts often as high as 75% of original costs and significantly below current replacement values. These highly discounted assets will form the bulk of the Fund’s portfolio.”

In addition, there is also a growing need for “fresh” equity in projects that are not distressed, but caught in the current credit crunch caused by the housing debacle. The Fund is venturing with qualified local operator/developers that 1) have fundamentally strong projects, but are faced with either a loan rollover or balloon on an existing asset or 2) are seeking to acquire or develop a new property. Many of these projects, while sound, cannot meet the greatly increased equity requirements being demanded by today’s lending community. That is where the Fund can come in, venture the project, supply needed equity and move the project forward.”

“There are a tremendous number of opportunities in the market today and we have the right team in place to take advantage of this historic market downturn; and our investors will reap the rewards!” concluded Mr. Tyler

For information regarding the Mid-Atlantic Capital Fund, LLC, please contact Chad Tyler at 301-831-8575 or at chad@tylerco.com

This information contained herein is for informational purposes solely and is in no way attended to be an offer or a solicitation for investment.

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