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Frequently Asked Questions     

What is the benefit of becoming an Apprentice?

First and foremost is a guaranteed wage based on the average Journeyperson's salary: a first year Apprentice is guaranteed an hourly salary of at least 50%. As long as the Apprentice attends class, maintains a passing grade, and completes monthly on-the-job reports, his salary will be increased each year until at the end of 4 years his salary is 95% of a Journeyperson - the last 5% comes when the all-important Journeyman License is granted by the MD State Board of Plumbing.

How do I become an Apprentice?

The process is very simple.  As part of the hiring process, each new TMC employee who doesn't already have a Maryland State Plumbing Board license completes an application for an Apprentice license. This is a very important step since it and 7500 hours of experience are required for the Journeyman's exam.  Full Apprenticeship, however, also requires 144 hours of classroom study each year.

To enroll in the classes you must have the approval of your field supervisor, Brent Mason.They can give you a copy of the application or you may obtain one from Jay Shew, the TMC Apprentice Program Coordinator. Completed applications must be brought in person to the main office.

Does Tyler Mechanical have a recruiting bonus?

Tyler Mechanical has a recruiting bonus. If you refer an employee to Tyler, you can be eligible for up to $600. If the new hire is in good standing with the company in 6 months, you'll receive $400. If the new hire stays and additional 6 months, you'll receive another $200.

How do I schedule vacation time?

To schedule a vacation, you need to notify your supervisor well in advance - no less than two weeks advance notice.  Plan early for your vacation time. If there are conflicting vacation requests for employees, management reserves the right for approval.

Are employees eligible to receive holiday pay?

To receive holiday pay, you must work the business day before the holiday and the next business day after the holiday.

What is COMSTAR Federal Credit Union?

COMSTAR Federal Credit Union is a full-service, secure, and well-managed financial institution.  They provide members with lower cost loans and higher yield savings accounts.  Because of Tyler's relationship with COMSTAR, they offer special discounted rates on car loans, mortgages, checking accounts and many, many more services.  To find out more about COMSTAR, please call them at (877) 975-9811 or check them out on the web at www.comstarfcu.org. Applications are also available through our HR department.