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Tyler Management is dedicated to providing safe working conditions for all employees. Safety is implemented into our projects starting in the preplanning phase all the way through job completion. To achieve an incident free work place we will relentlessly strive to continuously improve our safety process through training, coaching and jobsite inspections.

Our dedicated safety manager, Bert Rhinaman, has over 15 years in safety training and work experience. Bert visits each job site, walking the site with our superintendent and GC's superintendent to assure that safety is always the number one priority for everyone.

Bert's dedication to his job has earned TMC several safety awards from ABC and General Contractors.

Topic of the Month

Slips, trips and falls from ladders are the leading causes for injury in construction. The injuries sustained from incidents happening on ladders can be as minor as a cut or a bruise or as devastating as a fatality. Here are some tips we need to remember while using ladders.

Top 10 Safety Tips When Using Step Ladders

  1. Always inspect the condition of the ladder before use. Any cracks, broken rungs or missing parts mean the ladder can not be used.
  2. Always open a step ladder completely and ensure latches are locked before climbing. Never lean a step ladder.
  3. Never stand or sit on the top two steps of a step ladder. This will make the ladder unstable and increase the likelihood of the ladder tipping and causing an injury.
  4. Never place a ladder near or on unstable surfaces. Cover any open holes that the ladder could slip into and cause the ladder to tip.
  5. Always keep the area around the step ladder clean. Remove any tripping hazards such as cords, tools, scrap material, and trash from around the ladder.
  6. Don't overreach - step down and move the ladder across the floor from floor level as work progresses.
  7. Never stand on the back side of a step ladder.
  8. When using ladders near doors or aisle ways, barricade or use a spotter so no one can bump into or knock over the ladder.
  9. Make sure hands and feet are dry and grease free before climbing a ladder.
  10. Always clean the ladder and return it to proper storage after use.

Remember: "It's better to lose a minute of your life than lose your life in a minute."